Have got small breeds of dogs? Then try it out!

Most of the people love to pet some of the cutest dogs because they are easy to carry to any of the destinations. The little ones can be comforted with some of the best pajamas which are now available in online. You could have got so many gifts for your pet dog but not all […]

Essential Early Learning for Puppies: Simple Steps Puppies Must Learn

Let’s face it. All dogs do things that are embarrassing to their owners. But worse than embarrassing, puppies who are untrained make their owners’ lives a living hell. Poop on the rug after a long walk, tearing the toilet paper off the roll no matter how many times they’re reprimanded and chewing a hole in […]

Therapy Dogs Help Struggling Readers

The Use of Pet Therapy to Help Bring Up Low-End Readers It has often been said that a dog is man’s best friend. Dogs have been by man’s side for about 14,000 years helping in the hunt for food, keeping company in times of loneliness, and in rescue operations in times of danger. They are […]

Caring for a Yorkshire Terrier: Give Lots of Love to This Tiny Dog Breed

Yorkshire Terriers are known for their playful, inquisitive manner and their small size. In fact, most Yorkies do not weigh any more than seven pounds. The appeal of the Yorkie is infectious, and according to the American Kennel Club, in 2016 the Yorkshire Terrier was the second most popular dog breed in the United States, […]

About The Weimaraner: A Beautiful and Captivating Canine

Here, some general information on the Weimaraner for expectant owners. This captivating and intelligent animal ranks highly among a number of dog associations, and is a favorite with many canine enthusiasts. General Information Believed to have first been bred in Germany by the Grand Duke Karl August as an “all-around” hunting dog, the Weimaraner of […]

How to Tell the Breed of My Mixed Breed Dog

Wow, if you look at the discussion board, this is one well addressed topic. I believe, for the most part, that many people who have a mixed breed dog want to know what breeds made up their beloved companion just to satisfy their curiosity. Obviously, the dog is not concerned! Is there a reliable way […]

Renal Failure in Dogs and Cats

Kidney Failure: Explanation of, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment Renal failure or kidney failure occurs when the kidneys aren’t able to function properly. Kidneys are essentially the body’s filtration system. They are made up of hundreds of thousands of nephrons, which filter out wastes from the blood stream in the form of urine. In addition to […]

Palliative Cancer Care in the Dog and Cat

Easing the Pain and Discomfort of Canine and Feline Tumors & Cancers  When a dog or cat is diagnosed with cancer, pet owners are faced with difficult decisions regarding care for the sick pet. While cure of the cancer or tumor would be optimal, treatment of tumors and cancers in animals is sometimes not very […]